About Me

Who even are you?

Hi! I’m Izzie and I’ve just moved to the Lake District after completing my Environmental Geography Degree. I have no idea what I’m doing and how to Adult so naturally I’m taking a year out to live in a lovely place, swim in freezing cold lakes and sew! I love the environment, trying new things and teaching myself to sew. Unfortunately, being 21 and a recent graduate none of my friends actually sew or like to hear me natter on about it. Enter Creations and Alterations where I can natter on and on about sewing and how I learn to make things! If you are still reading this then congrats to me for not being super boring and if you also like sewing please be my friend?

OMG did you make that?

Yes, yes I did! I started creating my own clothes around a year ago now but have been altering (see, clever name) my clothes and sewing for around five-ish years. In 2014 I decided to make a quilt (random decision 16 year old me made) and I began altering my vintage finds and taking up hems in the wonkiest fashion in 2016. Since then my creations and alterations have grown and grown in number and now I have so much to say on it I might burst if I don’t put it all somewhere!

How did you even learn? Who got you into it?

I learnt the basic act of how to sew from my mum when I was younger but in terms of everything else including learning to fit and make clothes, how to use my overlocker and how to make my machine do fancy things I taught myself. I got into it after realising altering clothes would just not cut it and that in order to make something actually fit I needed to make it myself!

Okay Cool! Can We Be friends?

Ermmm Yes!! I am devoid of sewing friends so please get in touch, go to my instagrams for that shizz!

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